Ipsos, the international market research agency, recently released their survey on the most influential brands in South Africa. South Africans were surveyed on brands they respected found innovative and trustworthy, and also their thoughts on different brands’ presence, engagement, and advocacy. The survey found that retailers are the most influential brand in South Africa, which is evident in the retailers featured on the top ten list. According to Ipsos, it is unique for retailers to dominate the list. Furthermore, it seems as if retailers have become one-stop-shops that cater to the various needs of consumers. The survey found that the following brands were at the top of their game:

Over 40% of respondents know friend and family who use KOO. Popular and well-loved products include tinned beans and chakalaka. Providing quality, respondents consider Woolworths a market leader.

Whatsapp is the only digital brand featured on the list and gained high praise for its engagement value. A third of respondents and their family and friend use the app.

Sunlight is seen by almost 40% of respondents as original and their favorite brand.

Consumers score the quality of Spar products very high. Spar is said to have characteristics consumers would like to have. It is no surprise that the retailer features at number five on this list. KOO is seen as a trustworthy brand by a third of respondents. South Africans find the
Vaseline brand trustworthy. Some respondents mentioned how the brand made them feel loved. Consumers use this brand regularly, gave it a very high trustworthy score and describe Colgate as a clean product. Half of the respondents believe that Coca-Cola is ahead of its competition and deemed it trustworthy. 55% of Consumers say that

Shoprite understands their needs. The one-stop-shop concept resonates well with consumers allowing them to use the in-store banking services.

The survey found that Pick n Pay is seen as fair, dependable and is highly rated for its quality and innovation.