A limited edition Milkybar with dried coconut will be on South African
shelves in October. 

The iconic Milkybar has been remade with the addition of Jelly Tots, Smarties, and popping candy. Now, it is about to come with
in an even more exotic and delicious version.

Due for release in mid October, Nestlé has added a new variant of Milkybar with 7% of dried grated coconut. Milkybar holds a 47% market share among white chocolate. Nestlé aims to deliver great taste with a nice contrasting texture of smooth and creamy white chocolate and crispy coconut.

A serving size portion, which ends up being about four blocks, is packed with 535 kilojoules of energy. If one can’t stop at just four
pieces, an 80g bar comes in at around 1,872kj – a quarter of your recommended daily kilojoule intake.

For trade queries, please visit their website onwww.nestle-esar.com/info or call on 011 514 6000.