A uniquely South African favourite, consumers can now enjoy Chakalaka with Peas or Extra Hot & Spicy 

Chakalaka is a uniquely South African favourite. 

Born out of the townships of SA it’s a delicious, spicy dish made with onions, tomatoes and often beans. 

It has been a staple at the family dinner table for generations and is usually served hot or cold, over pap, with meat dishes, bread and more recently in favourites like stews, pastas and baked pies. 

Rhodes Quality has extended its existing, convenient Chakalaka range to include two new flavours: Chakalaka with Peas and Extra Hot & Spicy. 

The Chakalaka range now consists of seven variants including: 

• Chakalaka Hot & Spicy

• Chakalaka Mild & Spicy 

• Chakalaka with Beans 

• Chakalaka with Corn 

• Chakalaka with Sweet Potato.

The new range of flavours gives consumers a convenient variant for any Chakalaka dish they wish to make. 

Rhodes Quality Chakalaka is available at all leading independent stores, wholesalers and retailers nationwide. 

For more information on the Rhodes Quality Chakalaka range or recipes, visit www.rhodes.com.