The exciting new additions of fruit and veg puree pouches with full cream yoghurt, as well as a range of ready-to-eat fruit jellies, will complement and expand the current offering.

Squish is the second largest baby and toddler brand in the defined market, offering parents a wide range of meal and snacking solutions for all occasions.

The new range includes four new yoghurt flavours, two new puree flavours, and four new ready-to-eat jellies. In addition, Squish has fourteen 100% fruit and veg puree combinations, and six pressed 100% fruit and vegetable infant and toddler juices to complete the range.

The infant foods market is valued at R3 billion, with year-on-year growth of R135 million in actual value terms.

Merlin Norman, Marketing Manager at Rhodes Food Group mentioned that they’ve
seen a high conversion rate from jars to pouches, which offer a safe, more hygienic and convenient offering, and the brand has seen a 33% growth in value. Therefore it is important that they continue to innovate the Squish range.

The latest extension of the Squish product range comes after identifying the opportunity to introduce a fruit and vegetable range combined with yoghurt to broaden the offering.

Yoghurt is the second most popular infant food puree flavour and will provide parents with a great meal-time offering to extend the weaning journey for their young ones as they start to introduce dairy into their diets.

Like all of their Squish products, the utmost care has been taken to ensure that they offer their consumers the best product possible.

They do not compromise on ensuring that they use clean ingredients, and because they make most of the ingredients themselves, they can control the quality of raw materials from the fields, right through to the end product.

The Squish yoghurts are made from 100% fruit and vegetables with double cream yoghurt, not yoghurt powder, which offers them an impressive point of difference.

As with the rest of their range, the yoghurt purees are free from preservatives, colourants, flavouring and starch and come in four tasty flavours.

They understand that parents want the best for their children, but they are often pressed for time. With Squish, they can feel confident in the knowledge that they are not compromising – our clean ingredients offer them a convenient range of meal and snacking solutions at home or on-the-go as if cooked at home in their own kitchens.

Squish has also introduced a range of four new ready-to-eat jellies, which offer a convenient snack or treat.
Made with fruit, and free from gelatine, colourants, flavourings or preservatives, Squish jellies are made with toddlers and parents in mind.

Rhodes Food Group understands the weaning journey and they can offer their consumers a range of options that will help them on their way, from starting solids right through childhood.

This is why it is so important that Squish continues to innovate through the product offering with a wider range of mealtime and snacking solutions that meet the needs of growing children from 6-months old right through to 3-years plus.

The addition of rooibos to their new pear and peach puree, in their apple & grape juice, and in their new mango jelly shows commitment to adding value to parents and innovating ahead of the curve.

In order for Squish to continue to grow with their loyal consumers they offer a mealtime and snack-time solution at every stage of the weaning process. Providing new variants is incredibly important for the growth of the brand – as parents embark on the weaning journey, introducing new tastes and textures is key to their little one’s development.

Not only is growth of their brand important but they are incredibly passionate about helping their customers by offering them convenient solutions that meet real needs.
Weaning is not a clinical process – they want to be a part of the special moments and the food journey, the mess and the fun, offering playful pack formats, products and convenient solutions to today’s busy parents.

The Squish range now comprises 30 product variants from 100% fruit, vegetable and purees, juices, ready-to-eat jellies, and fruit and veg purees with yoghurt, ensuring that parents find a range of convenient, quality products to help them on their weaning journey, from starting solids right through to childhood.

The products are available nationwide at top end retail, wholesale and specialist chains – find the fruit & veg purees with yoghurt and the ready-to-eat jellies in the baby food section on shelf.

Issued by Tincan PR