Flagstone fosters creativity, knowing that moments of brilliance, cradled by
tenacious work, result in genius

Longitude is an affirmation of that ingenuity, inventively demonstrated by the 18th century clockmaker, John Harrison, who created the first chronometer sufficiently accurate to be used to determine a ship’s longitude at sea.

Finding longitude proved an elusive calculation for sailors at sea and the absence of accurate measurements meant
indirect routes and much longer, and often perilous voyages. It was John Harrison’s chronometer that helped sailors maintain accurate time keeping at port measured against the midday sun at sea to determine a ship’s longitude and ultimately for sailors to
find their way, steering them to shore and saving lives and ships in the process.

Longitude, Flagstone’s way-finder wine, is a pertinent entrance to the innovative world of Flagstone where time-honoured tradition
meets new world innovation. They aim to make honest, real wine that is an authentic reflection of its provenance, even if this means taking the hard path. They believe that this is the only virtuous way.

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