Strong Visual Merchandising has a huge impact on customer experience in one’s store. Creating impactful and memorable visual merchandising are essential for sales. These merchandising tips can help bump one’s sales and increase traffic within one’s store.

Change The Displays
Seasons and holidays only last so long and promotional goods have a short shelf life. Change the display and feature new arrivals first. If a person has merchandise that goes together with other merchandise, keep it so. One does not want to dilute the first impression for customers. Left-over items of promotions can be used with new arrivals to give them a new and fresh look.

Show Off The Wants
Highlight those products within one’s store that the customer wants and not already needs. Customers respond to things that they want.

Look For One Thing That
Make A Group Arrange the products by their use, for example, all drinking tea related items group together. One can also arrange products by their colour. Red, white and black are some of the strongest colour combinations to attract
attention in retail. Using contrasting colours will grab attention, where a monochromatic display bores the customer and they quickly move on to the next display.

Try Related Or Contrasting
People’s eyes quickly get the point and move on, so never make a monochromatic display. Start Closest To The Door The display area closest to the front door should be used to showcase one’s newest and most expensive items.
Various height levels allow customers to touch and browse through one’s products without dismantling the display.

Pig In The Window
Find that unrelated item and put it on the display. The purpose of this prop is to attract the customer’s attention. It is not necessary to always use a prop, but something to always keep in mind. Customers ask why the product is on display, become intrigued and come into the store to find out more.

Use lighting to make the merchandise pop. Consider what would be the best position for the light source. If one has a dark display, move closer to a light source or light it from below.

Put Words To It
Well placed and well-worded signs are short and easy to read. If one’s customers are comprised of seniors, make sure that the fonts are bigger. Refrain from using handwritten signs with markers, as they tend to look amateurish. Never put up a sign that says “do not touch”. One could just as well put up a sign that says do not buy.

Rotate Them
When new merchandise comes in, change the existing displays. New products will be selling, so switch the display two weeks after their arrival. One can move the displays from the middle to the back or from the front to the middle.

Track It
Monitoring one’s computer printouts and inventory levels are vital to ensuring that one has what your customers want. If something performs well, be ready to reorder immediately. If something does not sell, try displaying it on another location before giving up on it.

Tag It
All the stock needs to be priced. Customers do not want to ask how much something costs.

These merchandising tips can help one increase sales and the number of customers in one’s store. Furthermore, a more creative approach to merchandising can help maximize the potential retail space, without renovations being needed. Visual merchandising can also assist with selling those products which are difficult to sell, without lowering the price. Visual merchandising is a strong marketing tool for one’s business and could potentially increase customer loyalty.