The Coca-Cola Company first introduced Coca-Cola Energy in Europe in March this year. 

Coca-Cola South Africa has launched an energy drink called Coca-Cola Energy. 

Coca-Cola Energy includes ingredients from naturally-derived sources, contains caffeine, guarana extracts, B vitamins, no taurine and a delicious and refreshing taste of Coca-Cola. 

The company kept these two qualities at the heart of how they developed the recipe and are proud to offer it under the Coca-Cola brand, inviting people to try a new and different energy drink designed to complement upbeat and busy lives. 

Designed for the younger market (18-35), it will not be promoted to children under 18, no sampling in proximity to primary and secondary schools, and never promoted to mix with alcohol. 

Coca-Cola Energy is available in a 300ml can and available at all major retailers.