Coca-Cola Plus Coffee is available in South African stores, hot off the heels
of the new Coke Energy drink. 

T he new Coke is infused with 100% Brazilian coffee bean powder and comes in a 200ml can.

The company introduced the canned and bottled product in Australia last year, and has since rolled it out to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. It has quite the caffeine kick: 34mg per 200ml can. By comparison, a 250ml can of Red Bull has 80mg caffeine.

According to the World Health Organisation, the daily allowable caffeine intake for an adult is 400mg. (Coca-Cola Plus Coffee is therefore) far below the
normal requirement, but like anything people need to understand to consume it in moderation and have it as part of a balanced beverage intake across the board.

This is the Coca-Cola Company’s third new addition to the Coke range this year, after a No Caffeine version of the Coke’s No Sugar (formerly Coke Zero) was introduced, along with a new energy drink variant, Coke Energy, which launched in SA last month.

Coca-Cola Plus Coffee is available at leading retailers nationwide.

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